Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Please read and acknowledge our terms and conditions. Birds, animals, reptiles, amphibians are a live creatures and require some different conditions and handling then normal products usually ordered on line. Some of them are shipped by our breeders directly to you to minimize stress. On rare occasions delays may occur due to weather, quality factor, availability, sex of the creature and other factors. We do everything in our power to acquire and provide the best quality products for our clients at the shortest possible time processing and the lowest possible cost. Because of those factors once the process is started the orders can not be canceled or returned. The sales are final. We do have a Guarantee policy. Please reed that in our Guaranteed section of our website. You need to agree with our terms and conditions in order to use "D Jungle Bird" and our services at www.djunglebird.com. By using our website and services you agree to the terms and conditions of “D Jungle Bird”

Our Guarantee for live arrival

We only ship healthy birds, reptiles, animals or amphibians. We take pride in providing you with a great product. If any of the creatures died we credit you that amount. You can use that credit on any of our products available in the store. The credit does not cover shipping costs if you chose to get an other (birds, reptiles, animals of amphibians). You need to contact us with in 24 hours of receiving the dead product with photo or photos of the perished product. Sometimes a veterinarian may need to determine the cause of death before we can issue any credit. We need to be able to determine the reason for the death of the creature. If you see any signs that the live product is not behaving normally, not eating or is not active, their behavior is not normal for the specie you may need to consult a veterinarian for the appropriate treatment. Please research the needs of your live product according to their specie and environment. Provide the appropriate food, water, shelter, medication, cage your new friend needs. They are relying on you for their survival. It is the clients responsibility to give good care to the live product once they arrive. For any issues, concerns abnormal behavior please contact us with in few hours of the (birds, reptiles, animals or amphibians) arrival. If it is a bird please check the “ About D Birds” section on our website. .


In order for us to process your orders we would need to gather certain information such as credit card number, expiration date, billing address, shipping information. We prefer to use PayPal so we do not need that information. Not everyone uses PayPal, so in order to be able to process your order we will need to use another payment method. We expect you the ( buyer, client,) to have legal right to use any of the payment methods you use for your Purchases and the information is complete, true and correct. We do not share your payment and personal information with 3rd parties and respect your privacy as we expect from you in return. On rare occasions we may have to refuse and cancel your or a clients order due to but not limited to following reasons. Errors in the order, product availability, error in price or descriptions, suspicious or illegal transaction and activity.

Delays in your order and shipping

Some birds or creatures may be coming form different locations or breeders and may require separate order. Please check with us if you have any questions. If we notice a problem we will contact you to let you know and take steps to rectify the situation. As we explained earlier, in rare occurrences weather and other conditions may affect your order. Please be patient and understand that we do everything in our power to have your creature, bird, animal, amphibian, reptile to you in shortest and safest possible time.

Website information, Product availability, Errors

We make every effort to maintain our products and website information accurate. If we missed something please let us know. On rare occasions due to unforeseen errors some orders may be affected. Some of our suppliers or breeders may run in to unexpected delays, natural disasters, products get discontinued and fail to notify us on time to update our information. “D Jungle Bird” reserves the right to make changes, updates, change errors with out notice. We try to keep an open communication with 3rd parties and keep things as accurate as possible. If any discrepancies arise and we can not fulfill your order or product temporarily unavailable we will refund your money and notify you as soon as we know. .

3rd parties and other websites

Our website may have links to other websites or 3rd parties. We can not guarantee their information and services. We assume in good faith that the information they are provided is true and accurate. We do not have any control over their services and policies. We advise you to do your own research and get familiar with what they do and their policies. D JUNGLE BIRD is not liable and responsible for any loss, damage or wrong information from 3rd parties we do not manage or control.

Services termination

We like to keep a good positive relationship based on trust and respect with out clients and friends. However in very rare occasions we may have to terminate services if we detect any mis use or fraudulent use of our website and services or a breach of our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to terminate an account with out notice for any reason at any time.

Policy changes

Our terms and conditions policy may change from time to time to better suite your needs and hep us operate more efficiently to be able to offer you better services. We reserve the right to change our policies with out notice. Any changes in policy will be posted and published in our website. By using our website and services you agree to abide by our terms, conditions and policies. We like to grow and get better at what we do. If we missed anything or you see something we can do better, if you have any positive suggestions please feel free to contact D Jungle Bird.

Our policies

Our policies are designed based on the United States laws and common séance. We may chose to enforce or not certain policies. Not enforcing a policy it is not a waiver of those rights and policies.