Our Guarantee for live arrival

We only ship healthy birds, reptiles, animals or amphibians. We take pride in providing you with a great product. If any of the creatures died we credit you that amount. You can use that credit on any of our products available in the store. The credit does not cover shipping costs if you chose to get an other (birds, reptiles, animals of amphibians). You need to contact us with in 24 hours of receiving the deceased product with photo or photos of the perished product. Sometimes a veterinarian may need to determine the cause of death before we can issue any credit. We need to be able to determine the reason for the death of the creature. If you see any signs that the live product is not behaving normally, not eating or is not active, their behavior is not normal for the specie you may need to consult a veterinarian for the appropriate treatment. Please research the needs of your live product according to their specie and environment. Provide the appropriate food, water, shelter, medication, cage your new friend needs. They are relying on you for their survival. It is the clients responsibility to give good care to the live product once they arrive. For any issues, concerns abnormal behavior please contact us with in few hours of the (birds, reptiles, animals or amphibians) arrival. If it is a bird please check the “ About D Birds” section on our website.

30 Day Extended Guarantee

In addition to our LIVE PRODUCT ARRIVAL GUARANTEED we offer a 30 day guarantee that covers your bird in case of a loss. This does not cover your bird for owners neglect or wrong diet or accident where we do not have control over the environment that the live product is in. Many factors can lead to stress for a live product. Toxic chemicals, improper nutrition, other dogs, cats, other pets or toxic plants. Please contact us for a list of toxic plants or house hold products harmful to live products. Please notify us with any health issues with in the 30 day period so we may assist you with any necessary treatment. In the event that your live product (birds, reptiles, animals or amphibians) dies with in the 30 day, we will need photo or photos of the deceased product. Please contact us at : D JUNGLE BIRD Contact Form. The warranty covers only the live product and not the shipping cost, boxes or other products and services associated with the live product (birds, reptiles, animals or amphibians). If any of the other items in our store are not what you needed, you have 6 days to return them. We do not cover the return shipping cost. The products need to be in their original package and not damaged in order for us to be able to issue a refund. Items purchased on sale are not eligible for return. You may use your credit or refund to purchase other products on our store. Please contact us prior to returning a product so we may be able to assist you.