About us

Our beginnings and who we are
D Jungle Bird started in 2002 in NC with a small farm breeding Lady Gouldian finches, doves, fox terriers, German shepherd, boxers, fresh water fish and plants. First we started with animals that we loved as our pets. Soon we had people asking us for other birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians. Working with our suppliers and breeders we helped other people find the exotic pets they were looking for. Today we are working with many breeders. We are always looking for reliable professionals that have the experience and quality we strive to uphold. We do our own research on products and consult experienced breeders on what they use and found to work best for themselves and their exotic birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians. We pass that experience and research to you the client so you do not have to waste time and make costly mistakes. In general we cary breeds that are not very difficult and have a beautiful exotic look that enrich our life with their natural beauty. Feel free to contact us if you are a hobbyist or a professional breeder, feed supplier or manufacturer of pet supplies. We never stop learning and always open to work with new nature lovers.
Together with our partners we sponsor animal conservation programs and groups that support endangered species across the globe.
We love our planet and its rare beauty. D Jungle Bird was founded by people that love nature and wild life. Preserving the natural beauty of our planet has been always our vision and goal. Bringing that beauty of nature in our homes trough the beautiful animal species as pets and friends is just one of the things we do. We recommend that every pet and animal owner research and know about the specie and habitat of their pet. Providing a good environment that resembles their natural habitat, the right diet, exercise and companionship is what it takes to have happy healthy pets. We do not condone animal cruelty, poaching, illegal capture and trade of wild animals. All animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians in our website are raised and bread and not captured from the wild. We support conservation programs that raise and release in the wild animal species that are threatened or in decline. D Jungle Bird rescue group supports groups and programs that help orphans and abandoned animals find a happy home. We are involved in community groups that bring together children and people and educate them about pet ownership, about conservation and preservation of all life on our planet.